Practice Areas


“The Law Office of Marcus Esther, PLLC is dedicated members of the community by tackling 5 major practice areas: ”

Criminal Law

State Criminal Law

Under the law, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, society may paint a picture that the accused is already guilty. We work to ensure a fair trial and maintain our clients’ rights. Our office provides services for those accused of various misdemeanors and felonies such as:
a) Assaultive Cases
b) Theft Charges
c) Drug Charges
d) DWI
e) Sexual Offenses
f) Murder

Federal Criminal Law

Our office is licensed to cover cases arising out of the Southern District of Texas. Call our office for any federal criminal matter related to:
a) Drug Trafficking
b) Human Trafficking
c) Gun Offenses
d) Money Laundering
e) Child Pornography
f) Bank Robbery

Personal Injury

While we concentrate in road and workplace accidents, we encourage any Texan who feels they have experienced injury at the fault of another individual or entity to contact our office for a consultation.


The Law Office of Marcus Esther, PLLC provides contract review, contract modification, and creation services in the following areas:
a) Music Industry Contracts
b) Residential Leases
c) Business Agreements

Tort Claims

The Law Office of Marcus Esther, PLLC represents individuals who wish to bring tort claims against individuals and companies or individuals who have tort claims brought against them.