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The battle of the young can be called this match, however, if in the case of Nemiga Gaming, their new roster has not yet been able to achieve any results, then the Yellow Submarine team has already noted an excellent performance at ESL One Germany. The latest results of the sub are also impressive in the last eight official meetings.The Yellow Submarine won seven matches without losing a single card, and once lost in a meeting with the mudgolems, and then, taking one card from the daring Europeans. The statistics are impressive, especially if you add to it the excellent matches at ESL One Germany, where the submarine left teams like Nigma and NiP out of work and was able to fight NaVi (future winners of the second place in the tournament) and OG (who need no introduction).

As for the Nemiga, the Belarusian team recently announced a new roster that could not make it to ESL One Germany, and after that they won a tier-3 tournament called AOC Play. As for the EPIC League, Nemiga jumped to the last step of the departing train, barely beating the new Family Team tag lineup in the additional final of the open qualifiers. In fact, if it were not for the Cyber ​​Legacy disband, there would be no Belarusians at this tournament. However, this did not prevent Nemiga from starting the tournament with a victory, however, it is difficult to call it especially valuable, since Team Empire is now beating everyone who is not lazy.

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Bookmakers are almost certainly sure that Yellow Submarine will win for their success at 1xBet can be bet with odds of 1.192 vs 4.44 on Nemiga victory.

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Another curious fact that the teams met each other at the first open qualifiers of ESL One Germany, and it was the submarine that did not let the nemiga go further, winning the bo1 confrontation. Moreover, at that time, YeS was not fully staffed instead of Yaroslav Miposhka Naydenov, Kidaro played in the lineup. Now YeS has a stable roster, which aims to show results in every match, so I don’t think Nemiga will have great chances to take at least one card in this confrontation. You can bet on the victory of Yellow Submarine with a card handicap (-1.5) with a coefficient of 1.705.

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I would advise you to bet on the victory of Yellow Submarine with a card handicap (-1.5).

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