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We are an emerging Houston based law firm representing clients throughout the South Eastern Texas region.  People hire us because we litigate with tenacity assuring our clients have determined representation through their court battles.

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Marcus Esther practicing law in Texas.

Marcus Esther


When you need someone who will relentlessly fight for you, The Law Office of Marcus Esther can help you. 

How We Practice Law

We're Practicing in these Areas

If your legal challenges extend to any of the below categories, contact The Law Office of Marcus Esther. 

Criminal Law

We help our clients fight for their freedom and innocence. From battling a criminal charge to getting a criminal charge expunged, we can help.

Civil Law

When you’ve been wrongfully hurt, you need an attorney to help you battle your case tenaciously. We hope that time never comes but if it ever does, we can help.

Contract Law

Protecting yourself from pitfalls in business can save you a lot money. Book a consultation with us to help protect you and your company.

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Marcus Esther

Marcus Esther


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